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In school, my musical abilities were quite hidden. 

I was shy and reserved; I practiced and performed in the occasional recital. During high school, however, all of this changed. 

Suddenly, opportunities abounded for me to develop my skills.

Again and again, Elise pushed me out of my comfort zone,

exposed me to new environments, and expected me to rise to the challenge. She taught me, by her example, how to be a musician.


Henry, theatrical music director | accompanist

Elise has exemplary musical teaching skills with all ages. She has abilities that impress, evolve, and demand respect.


Elise is a sensitive and intuitive musician who understands not only how music works, but why it works.

Mike, guitarist | music educator

photo: Ceaser Photography, Nashua, NH

When I began my journey as an adult beginner student, I never dreamed that I would play with a flute choir. Elise's teaching methods have made all the difference in my performance, technique, and confidence. We deconstructed each piece, from the composer's history to the history of the music's period; because of our work on music theory, I can now play a wider range of music. This journey has been about learning music, self-discovery, making new friends, and giving this gift to others through performing. Music has changed my life.


Ellen, visual artist

During my years in Elise's high school jazz bands, I began playing bass under her instruction, and have gone on to learn to play several other instruments,

including guitar, mandolin, and lap steel. 


Elise is a motivating and meticulous teacher, a brilliant musician, and a caring musical mentor.


Alex, digital media professional


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