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"Piano Karaoke is a refreshing alternative to DJ karaoke. As a singer, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to get up and sing a song in the key the best suits your voice and the tempo that feels just right for your mood; you can experiment with songs in ways that are impossible with pre-recorded tracks. Our warm, welcoming regulars and newcomers come from many generations and perform a diverse collection of tunes that span many genres and eras. If you are looking for your voice to be heard or simply enjoy listening to live music, give Piano Karaoke a try!"


Steven (Nashua)

"The audience is attentive and supportive.

You have got to try this if you like to sing!”

Judi (Somerville)

"I love to sing solo with piano but hadn't had much

of an opportunity to do so for many, many years.

I sang in a local community chorus for awhile,

participated in some rehearsals for a community

musical, did karaoke occasionally...but nothing was

really quite filling that need that I had as a girl who

really, when it comes down to it, has just always

wanted to be Tori Amos, but never learned to play

piano. ;-)  Then I found Piano Karaoke and started

attending it last summer. It is EXACTLY what I

needed. I love it."

Meghan (Nashua)

“A great place to try out your singing chops. This is NOT karaoke as you may know it,

but a live piano player accompanying you with songs you bring to the table.

Pop, Rock, Broadway, the great American songbook, Jazz — give it a try.”


Michael (Nashua) 

"There are other karaoke groups around, but getting to sing with live piano accompaniment

made it exceptional. It was great to hear other singers in an acoustic setting, as opposed to one in which music is piped in.”


Mario (Somerville)


"It's an enjoyable and unique experience with live piano accompaniment.

The selection of music is broad and continuously expanding.

The atmosphere is very friendly and supportive.

Very good for experienced and new karaoke singers alike.”


Pauline (Somerville)

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